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The goal of being on track at events is to enjoy driving, exhibit skill, gain skill, and assist others in doing so. These rules are to clarify the track and staff’s intentions. As a driver you are very important to the success and excitement of our facility, please work with us to constantly improve your time at our track.

Diver Classes:

Class D/C (beginner): Drivers who do not yet posses the skill to drive a majority of laps without major corrections or spins.
Instructional ridealongs only allowed with current Class A drivers (with armband)
May run a reduced skill course

Class B (Intermediate): Drivers who can drive confident laps with minimal spinning or correction.
Instructional ridealongs only allowed with current Class A drivers (with armband)

Class A (Pro Tandem): Drivers with caged vehicles that are comfortable driving on track with other drivers, and perform most laps without spinning. Adaptable, confident, consistent, predictable.
– Ridealongs permitted if:
Passenger seat, harness, and helmet are of an automotive racing grade
Passenger does not place hands outside of vehicle or near roll cage
Track operation permits it for that event / session
Passenger is either
Has signed waiver / posses armband
Class D,C,B,A driver with an armband

Class up / class down: At any time a driver may be moved up or down a class. This may be at the discretion of event staff and/or current event judges. The goal is make sure drivers are in their proper classification to keep events running smoothly. Decisions are not to be debated.

Driver conduct:
Respect event staff
Public use of drugs is not permitted
No Alcoholic beverages permitted in the pits. Drivers seen with alcohol will be asked to leave the facility.
Do not walk into areas you are not permitted to be in
Issues with event organizers, judges, staff, events, or other drivers should be dealt with in private. This includes on and off track. Have a serious concern? Find a member of management, were always willing to work through problems.
Class A conduct:
Work with less experienced drivers to build confidence and experience
Report dangers from other drivers / vehicles
Attempt to put on a strong performance during all events
Give event feedback and recommendations
Lead by example

Loadout: Park and unload your vehicle in timely manner, be ready to drive as soon as possible

Driver meetings:
Arrive on time for meetings
Pay attention
No talking unless asking a question. Please respect this
Do not waste time with useless questions
Give input with safety concerns / layout improvements

Staging lanes:
No spectators
Tandem class allowed one pit member if necessary
Stay in your run group
Follow all instructions from staff

Track conduct:
Keep hands inside vehicle (and also your passenger’s)
Do not drive into areas that you are not permitted to be in (drag track, etc)
Do not knowingly jump into run groups you do not belong in
Driving recklessly is discouraged and will result in corrective action. Chill bro.
Corrective action: breaking any of the above rules of code of conduct can result in and up to:
Removal from event without refund
Reduction in driver class level

Tech Inspection

This is a basic run down of what we will be looking for during tech.

Helmets MUST be SA, Snell, or FIA certified automotive helmets (not dirtbike or motorcycle) Helmets must have no cracks or dents. Visors are optional but strongly recommended.
Seats must be bolted and secure.
Harnesses must be bolted to proper mounting points.
Battery must be secure. No zip ties, bungee cords or ratchet straps permitted.Positive terminal must be covered.
Vehicle must have all lug nuts and be using more then 4 threads on the studs.
Car must be free of any loose items in the interior and trunk.
Windshield must not have any cracks larger than 3 inches and not in your direct line of sight.
Tandem Tech

Roll Cage is required for tandem. This includes a main hoop, harness bar, and door bars. Roll cage must be made with proper materials and all welds should be complete.
Helmet should be SA2005 or MA2005 or newer.

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